Taking responsibility and dealing with consequences

Taking responsibility and dealing with consequences | Blog | Sanne Marcusse

I’ve been told so many times that I don’t think about certain decisions. That I think too easily about everything. That I’m too impulsive and completely crazy. 

That may look so from the outside, but it’s most of the time not true (except from the crazy part).

I truly think about everything I do or plan to do. Everything is often completely thought out. The pros and the cons… All of it. 

But what I don’t do is keep repeating everything. 

I mean, I can keep repeating everything that can possibly go wrong or the consequences of it, but that doesn’t change a thing. 

The pros stay the same and the cons stay the same. No matter how much I talk or think about it. 

So, it comes down to making the decision and dealing with the consequences of that decision. Nothing more and nothing less. 

When I make a decision, I’m taking full responsibility for that decision. No matter what happens or no matter the consequences. And because I already thought everything out, I often already know a lot of what’s coming at me. 

For example; We got a puppy this summer after thinking about it for a long time. Our youngest daughter really wanted a puppy. We saw how she lights up when she has pets around her and how she would actually flourish when she had something to take care of. 

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So, me and my husband spoke a lot about the decision to have a puppy or not. He thought I was thinking waaaaaaaaay too easy about it and kept repeating the consequences of having a puppy and how that would change our lives. He kept saying that I didn’t really understand what it would mean… 

But that wasn’t the case at all. I knew why we considered having a puppy and I also knew all the consequences. For me it was just making the decision and then dealing with whatever would come our way! Because I knew why we considered it to begin with… 

And so we did. 😉 

We as humans often think way too long about everything. It really helps to get clear on what the situation is, what you want and why you want it. Thinking about it for days or weeks doesn’t change a thing. You only get more stuck in your head. 

Make a decision, take responsibility for it and deal with whatever comes your way. 

Plus, I personally like to look at the bright side of things. 

What would be possible when I make a certain decision? 

What would be a benefit of making that decision? 

I can see possibilities in everything… 

So, I don’t think too easily about things and I’m not too impulsive. I just know what I want or don’t want and take action from there. It makes no sense to make things way more complicated than necessary. 

I’m not here to waste my time, I’d rather use it wisely. 😉

What about you? Do you overthink everything you do or want to do? 

If so, what if you can simplify that… 

Let’s have a conversation.

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