Great leadership isn’t about a title

Great leadership isn't about a title | Blog | Sanne Marcusse

When people think of leadership, a lot of them think of it as a title. But it isn’t about a title. 

A title doesn’t say anything about leadership actually. And nothing at all about GREAT leadership. It says something about the rank in a company and about certain responsibilities.

Great leadership has to do with the people. With how they show up and how they lead, no matter what title, rank or function…

Great leadership starts with yourself. With being a leader for yourself, how you show up for yourself and how you show up for others. 

My father is a great leader.

Let me tell you a story and show you why;

My father worked his way up to being the head of the team within a department of the municipality where he works. He did that for years and decided one day that he didn’t want to do that anymore. 

Instead of being the head of the team and leading the team in that function, he wanted to be able to focus on the work that needed to be done in a specific part of that department. 

So he laid his function down and they hired another person to take over. He got the freedom to focus on the work that he really wanted to do with still being able to work with the same people around him. 

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Making that decision, taking a step back for himself and owning it, is an act of great leadership. He made the decision to go for what he wanted, without holding back because of what people would think. 

Most people only look at how high they can climb the ladder. It’s always about wanting more and better. When you go ‘down’ in function, it might get seen as weak instead of strength. 

But I think more people should go for what they want instead of aiming for a certain title or function. Having a certain title or function doesn’t mean anything when it’s not what you actually really want deep inside.

My father still stands fully behind his decision and he never regretted it. 

And despite he isn’t’ the head of the team anymore, he is still a great leader. 

People know that he will do what needs to be done. People know that my father always shows up. Not only for himself but also for others. People know that he has their back. People know he is a committed man who does whatever it takes. 

People trust him because they know they can, because of how he shows up consistently. He is leading by example. 

Great leadership isn’t about the title.

Great leadership is about who you are and how you show up, for yourself and others. 

Lead yourself first. Go for what you want. 

Take responsibility. Take ownership. 

Be a leader for yourself. Be a leader in your life. Be a leader in your business. 

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